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Routine maintenance of your heating systems to make you more comfortable in your house and well prepared for the winter season is known as the winter tune-up of your heating system.

You can’t even imagine the tune-up of your heating system(furnace, heat pump, heater) before winter can be so affordable by the licensed and experienced professionals in Richardson, prosper, texas and surrounding areas offered by the THT Air Solutions Heating&Cooling Company.


Signs that you need for a professional heating tune-up service

If you notice these signs and symbols (but not limited to)  in your heating systems then contact professional heating contractors before your heating unit gets damaged and leads more energy and repair bills.

  • Poor Airflows
  • Your System is more than 15 Years Old
  • Exessive Humidity
  • High Energy Bills
  • Unstable Temperature
  • An evil, unusual smell
  • Strange noise while operating
  • Needs often repair and recurring problems in the system
  • Leaks or moisture
  • A decrease in the range of comfort in the house

These are the major sings usually homeowners notices in their heating devices. 

Call now at (214) 575-2323 to get free of cost Heating System Tune-up Inspection in your area.

Profit of winter tune-up of your( Furnace, Heat pump, Heater) system

Has your heating system had a tune-up this year? If not, don’t be late, this is the best time to do so! No one needs to keep fixing their heater system during winter cause it’s already freezing weather.

If you have a heat pump, you have a system that can heat and cool both, and then you have to maintain and prepare for every season. That’s why we THT Air Solutions Heating and Cooling Company offers HVAC Tune-up for winter service in prosper, Richardson, TX, and surrounding areas.

Give greater energy efficiency in winter

An unmaintained heat pump, a furnace is an inefficient system. When your energy charge increases to three to four times the usual amount. So, raise your system efficiency and reduce the energy bill you have to winter furnace tune-up.

Enhance your house’s indoor air quality(IAQ)

Without periodic maintenance, the furnace or heat pump can exhale dust and other contaminants into the air. You don’t want your house full of the pollutant in this winter; maintenance improves your home indoor air quality.  

Compliance with your warranty

Heat pump, furnace tune-up can help you ignore the needs for repairs by reducing the risk of a crack, the product sees them as a method to make sure that the system is operating ai its good for the life of the warranty.

Enhance your equipment lifespan

The particular reason why you need regular maintenance is that it helps you keep away big problems. If you periodically tune-up your furnace, a heater in this winter individually, you increase your system age.

Limit the requirement for future repairs

Many homeowners found themselves in situations where they have to call professionals once every several months to mark what’s the issue. Everything has inspected in the system in regular maintenance, so you will not face unexpected repair and disturbance of your order.

Saves Money

A furnace tune-up will mark an area that has become inefficient. Furnace to crackdown over time and debris and trim stay into the unit components. By pinpoint massive problems before they make you weak, it would be the right decision to maintain your heating system.

If these advantages sound useful to you, turn to the experienced professionals at THT Air Heating&Cooling company for service on your HVAC system before this winter.

Winter tune-up procedure of your ( Furnace, Heat pump, heater) system followed by our HVAC Technicians

A heat pump tune-up performed by licensed HVAC professionals upgrades the efficiency of the appliance by decreasing its energy consumption and prolonging the running life of your system. 

For periodic quality  tune-up on your heat pump always look for professional HVAC Company like as THT Air Solutions Heating and Cooling  to do the following work:

  • Inspect the blower, ducts, filters, and inner coil for dust, dirt or damage.
  • Clean the drain pan and inner coil
  • Inspect and barrier any leaks in the duct
  • Diagnose pipe and unit discharge pressure
  • Start a dissolve cycle and inspect for the correct order.
  • Check electrical wiring, replace the rotten wire, and clear tighten connection as a requirement
  • Inspect the blower wheel for stability and hygiene
  • Check and lubricate motors and carriage as needed
  • confirm correct electrical connections
  • Inspect the thermostat function
  • Test the outdoor cooling unit and base-pan for stability and cleanliness
  • Confirm that outdoor temperature sensors are correctly located

The average cost of Heating system maintenance or Tune-up We Charge

Comparison to the other heating and cooling company over TEXAS, THT Air Solutions Heating& cooling company is highly affordable heating & cooling service in PROSPER, RICHARDSON, TEXAS. Furnace, heat pump system tune-up cost only $99. Now, consider what you were expecting about the cost of winter tune-up that our professionals can give is fantastic.

Hurry Up!!  it’s only 99$  for you to improve your heating system lifespan when you hire us.

Schedule Free of Cost Winter Tune-Up Inspection in ProsperTX Today

THT Air Solutions Heating and Cooling Company have provided heating and air conditioning services in PROSPER, RICHARDSON, TX, and surrounding areas for over the 3-decade. Our heating and cooling professionals are trained and up to date in the newest HVAC technology, adding the heat pump, furnace tune-up before winter.

We service all design and brands of heating cooling and ventilation device. If you can’t recognize when you last tuned up your furnace, heater or heat pump, it is potentially time to do it. For more detail about our furnace maintenance services and winter tune-up package, please call (214)-575-2323 and discuss with one of our licensed HVAC professionals.