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Heat pump systems are also used to cool and warm your house according to your requirements. 

They transfer heat out of the house to lower inner temperatures. Heat pumps are used as a mixture of heating and cooling systems, or in addition to regular heating and cooling machines.

Importance of the heat pump installation

There are many benefits to having the THT Air Solutions crew install a heat pump system in your prosper, TX house.

 Here are several reasons to have our skilled professional and team to have a heat pump service in your house:

  • Decrease carbon footprint

Since heat pump cut off on your energy charge for years to come, they help you decrease your carbon footprint and environmental effect.

When you have a heat pump in your house you can feel good knowing that you have stepped in making the mother earth more environmentally friendly.

  • Upgrade energy efficiency

Heat pumps are more energy-efficient than older HVAC systems. They try to use less energy, resulting in saving.

You can recover the advance cost of the system within several years of heat pump system installation.

  • You only need one system instead of two

A heat pump can both heat and cool your house. Heat pumps work by transferring heat energy out of the air from one area to another.

The ability to both heat and cool your house is the heat pump’s amazing benefits over older HVAC units. You only have to buy only one unit, which can perform major cost-saving.

  •  Easier maintenance and improvement

Heat pumps are much simpler to maintain in comparison to the older HVAC system. 

You only have experienced professionals tune-up one unit instead of the two heating and cooling systems.

  • Provide more comfort

With proper professional installation, your new heating and cooling unit cannot operate properly. 

Operation problems frequently turn into poor comfort in your house so, by the professional heat pump installation you can get extreme comfort in your house.

  • Saves on energy costs

Heat pumps don’t produce heat like a furnace system. Perfectly, they transfer heat out of your house in summer and transfer heat indoors in winter.

For every system unit of electricity, you utilize you’ll get three systems of heat in return. Your heating charge could reduce by up to 50%.

Types and brands of heat pump system that our professionals install

Heat pump top brands used by our expertise:

  • Goodman 
  • Rheem
  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Amana
  • Ruud
  • Lennox and more

Types of heat pumps that mostly demanded by the TX, prosper homeowners and installed by our experienced and certified professionals or heat pump installer are as follow:

  • The air-source heat pump system

An air-source is also known as an air-to-air pump, that gets warmth from outdoor air and moves it into your home.

Even if it’s freezing outside, sufficient warmth remains in your house. By transferring heat indoors, the heat pump unit causes your indoor rooms to feel warmer.

This is one of the simplest and affordable heat pump systems to install and take only a small space.

We offer complete and partial replacement and installation service to keep your system operate smoothly, Learn more detail about the types of the heat pumps system, click here

Consideration before heat pump installation suggest by our Texas, Technicians

You must be aware of everything, your house needs and how to fulfill it. Before deciding anything about your house you should think deeply as well in heat pump installation also. 

First of all, whom you want to hire is essential, we assure you that our heat pump company will make you satisfied with their work effectiveness.

There are some things that you need to consider before installing a heat pump in your house:

  • Sizing of the heat pump
  • Insulation with heat pump
  • The climate of your surrounding
  • Pricing of your system or cost-effectiveness
  • The efficiency of your system
  • Initial outlay
  • Installation process
  • It is adaptable or not
  • Heat pump contractors that you choose for your system installation.

Don’t think so much you would be a proud and happy customer like others. So, pick up the call and dial at (214)-575-2323 to get certified and experienced professionals heat pump services.

Process of the heat pump installation followed by our prosper, TX experts

There are different types of heat pump systems in the market and the installation process depends upon which type of heat pump you choose.

They are famous for their features and their installation process is different according to their requirements. 

It’s not easy to install a heat pump by yourself without any guidelines and tools and materials that are needed.

It is very complicated work that’s why you can call the trustworthy professional to install your heat pump system easily. Call us at (214)-575-2323 to make your work easy.

Best time of the year to install a heat pump in your house

There is a misunderstanding that buying a heat pump while the off-season can cost less, while installer accessibility is bigger than the system is not discounted.

Rather than a high peak season, summer, winter and off-season spring will be a pretty good time for buying and installing a heat pump system that is frequently missed by many homeowners.

The advantage of installation while spring is that there is no requirement for heating or cooling at the time of so disturbance is less.

Another benefit of a reversible heat pump in the spring season is that you will be able to utilize it for your summer to cool.

A perfect place for your house to install a heat pump system recommended by our experienced professionals. 

There are two types of heat pump installed in your house indoor heat pump system and outdoor heat pump system. Here are some tips by our prosper, TX skilled professional for the best place to install your indoor or outdoor heat pump system in your house.

The indoor heat pump should be installed in your on central position on an exterior wall-that is a wall that makes a straight connection with the outdoors. 

The indoor heat pump connects strictly to an outdoor system via a refrigerant pipe. Due to its heavyweight, it needs to be located in a shady area where direct sunlight rays can be away.  

Cost of the new heat pump installation and installation time that the TX, professionals take

The average cost to install a heat pump is $5,600, basically beings from $4,000 to $7,100 based on the size and many other factors.

The average life expectancy of the heat pump system is 10 to 20 years if you keep it updated and maintained.

The size of the work and types you choose determine how long it takes to install the heat pump by the professionals. A simple heat pump installation can take 6 to 7 hours depending on the complication of the project. 

Factors that affect your heat pump installation cost

There are so many factors that impact the cost of your heating system, and some of them are given below and you may have a look before your purchase new heat pump system :

  • The Climate of your area
  • Types of heat pump that you choose
  • Size of the house number of the room
  • Existing heating and cooling system
  • Dimension and layout

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