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A furnace heating unit is a machinery used to heat air for residential houses and commercial buildings. It is one of the kinds of heating units used till today’s date.

Signs that you need furnace replacement

Learn the warning symbols and replace your furnace before winter comes. Here are the signs that you need furnace replacement:

Strange noises

Unusual heating throughout the house

Rusting Occurance

Age more than 12 years or older

Individually Enhance energy bills

Needs often repair and maintenance

Outdated Technology

System performance is very poor

A new furnace installation is a huge investment, so assure you actually want a replacement before you get one. THT Air Solutions Heating & cooling Company, Prosper, Ricardson, TX can provide suggestions and help you to find the best alternative for your condition.

Types of the Furnace system that our Heating expert install or replace

Gas Furnace Replacement

Goodman gas furnace service is the most demanded gas furnace in the prosper, Dallas, TX. The most popular type of furnace among the homeowners nowadays is the gas furnace, which utilizes gas spout in from the municipal pipe.

The gas furnace system is highly efficient about 98% and more energetic than other furnace types.

Electric Heat Replacement

If you don’t have a gas line coming into your house, you can consider the electric furnace. These units utilize electric heating elements to serve the heat transfer to the air. The electric furnace system is the second most used furnace system in Dallas, prosper TX due to its high efficiency but it is a little expensive than another furnace type.

Importance of furnace replacement by the professionals

Is it safe to keep your older furnace? You have to pay for often repair and fore more energy bills, exhale non-filter air. Dragging off your furnace will be more beneficial for you and you’re family, and some of them are listed below:

  • Make your house safer: The newer furnace also attached with more further safety attributes. They also create less mess and leaks. By the goodness of being new, they’re also not going to have issues that older systems may be, such as a break heat exchanger.
  • Best Performance & Increase inefficiency: Replaced furnace meet new efficiency status, also, when an experienced HVAC professional install your furnace he will make sure that all particles of the system are in supreme shape, leaving your best operation and upgrade efficiency.
  • Improve comfort for you and your family: Modern replaced furnace attribute changeable-speed technology. UNlike the oldest fixed-speed technology, the technology in advance furnaces is more efficient in heating the area. They can produce more stable warm air and maintain the temperature at a more fix range.
  • Saves you from often repair: After replacing the advance furnace you get a chance to save money on the often repair of your older system. From little often repairs, you may pay a lot for the repair only for your heating system. New furnace replacement can stop that process.
  • Save your money on energy bills: An efficient system means your utility bills will reduce, saving you money each month. YOu’ll also save on the price of repairs since your new furnace replaced.
  • Resale benefit when replacing a furnace: While replacing your furnace is unknowingly to increase house value, it can still offer an essential advantage when it comes to selling your house. Failing to maintain, replace your system can keep buyers away from your house or may not offer as much you consider in your house.
  • Save you on buying a new heating system: You can replace your system as you want either partially or completely, our HVAC professionals are ok with it. You may want partial or complete re[lacemnt our licensed and experienced experts understand that and after inspection, they also recommend that if you need full or partial replacement.

The average life expectancy of AC and all types of furnace

The lifespan for an electric furnace is 20 to 30 years, while a gas furnace will last on average 10 to 15 years. The average life expectancy if any heating system, is around 15-20 years. 

A furnace system can be only durable if you have to care it, maintain it properly and some other factors that affect life expectancy are:

  • How Your Furnace is installed?
  • Furnace system size
  • Filter care
  • The Efficiency of the unit
  • Maintenace History

The average cost of furnace replacement and replacement time is taken by our experts

Only for replacement the national average cost of natural gas furnace range from $2,000 to $5,800 with the massive homeowners paying around $3,000 except the furnace system materials. 

Always consider these things before replacing your furnace System

Replacing your furnace is not a small decision, and it’s one that needs asking a lot of questions. Consider these following things before replacing your furnace system:

  • Does your furnace require a stable-speed blower?
  • Should you install a zoning system
  • Furnace efficiency and size
  • Do you need a new thermostat
  • What kind of fuel source do you want
  • How old is your current furnace system
  • Installation Quality
  • Furnace system quality
  • Guarantee of the materials


Furnace [partial or complete]replacement process that our experienced professional follow;

  • Written estimate on heating and cooling
  • Testing of all devices for correct function and through training the completion of the work.
  • Dragging of all existing equipment and damage
  • Use of floor saver and keep all tools on ready
  • Replace your furnace system correctly
  • Check all the connection if it is right  or not
  • At least check the system if it working well or not

Schedule Professional Furnace Replacement in Prosper TX Today

At THT Air Heating & Cooling company. Prosper, Dallas, TX. your comfort is our first priority. We believed that well literate homeowners are better able to determines their house, which is why we help you to know about your replacement alternatives and offer our honest suggestions. Our certifies professionals are experts in installation, replacement, repair of different heating systems throughout the year.