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A furnace is used to heat the house in the winter season or smelting ores, or, producing steam. A stove is one of the essential components of your HVAC system.

Get Ready for the cold by installing the Furnace system in Prosper, Texas, and surrounding areas before the winter is very common because it is very cold in your area according to the U.S Climate Data average low temperature is 54.6 degrees F.

Importance of Furnace Installation in house

Is it time to install a new furnace in your house or it is over the 15-20 years. Some of the benefits that you get from the new furnace installation are :

Furnace installation improves your indoor air quality and maintains a healthy humidity level will also make your unit work more efficiently without any disturbance, saves your money and avoid costly furnace repair and replacements.

Other heating system options can take a long time to heat your house just like an electric and heating system. A furnace has much faster start times and can quickly provide comfort to the whole in the house for just a while.

The furnace is known for its durability of 15-20 years, in the comparison of Heat pumps and Boilers. With ongoing professionals, furnace repairs will continue to run at a high-efficiency level for over two decades.

Other heating options frequently break just like heat pumps or electric heating units in the comparison of Furnace. To decrease the number of repairs and replace the furnace system is a wise alternative.

Using the ductwork, the forced air furnace system can provide double comfort as an air conditioner.

Furnace system has multiple safety switches to avoid fires and toxic fumes from entering your house. 

Sings that you need New Furnace Installation

Everything in this world has a specific time just like your furnace system. It could be riskier when you avoid times come to install or replace your furnace system. So, like a smart homeowner, keep your house maintained and efficient. 

Here are some signs  from that you could know either it’s your furnace installation date near or not:

  • Is your Furnace  System is over 15 years?
  • Is your furnace system make unusual noises and smells?
  • Is your furnace system needs frequent repairs and maintenance?
  • Is your energy bills have increased
  • Is your furnace system not functioning properly?

If you notice any of the above signs in your any brands of furnace then it is better to call a professional Furnace Contractor to inspect and analyze your furnace system deeply.

Want free furnace system inspection and thoroughly check-up your furnace? Then call Texas Professional Furnace Installers: THT Air Solutions Heating & Cooling. Schedule Free Furnace Inspection and Estimate at (214) 575 2323 .

Furnace Types that  we install

There are mainly three types of furnaces: Natural Gas, Oil & Electricity furnace is used in the North Texas Area. our HVAC teams have expertise in these types of furnaces but not limited too:

Natural Gas Furnace Installation

A natural gas furnace is highly low-budget. While aged gas furnace was only about 60% efficient on average, a new gas furnace is about 90%

Electric Heat Installation

Electric heat is the low-budget option likely half of the gas furnace. They’re simple to install and generally last up to a decade longer.

Process of Furnace Installation that we execute: Step by Step

It may be inviting to save on the installation charges. Still, the furnace carries few complicated particles adding electrical, ducting, plumbing, and gas, that need the installation contractors and specialized tools, equipment of qualified HAVC professionals.

  1. Choose your furnace types and brand for installation.

After the inspection, you choose the kind of furnace and brand that you need in your house. On that, our professionals show you the full range of the option with a satisfying budget. They also suggest the size and efficiency range of the system that suits your house.

  1. Select the best place in your home for installation.

For furnace installation in the basement, place the system on the block at least 4 inches above the ground, which insulate against flooding, just like this furnace system needs a protected place to be installed. You should decide where you want to install the system. 

  1. Determine where your duct and drain will run.

The return air duct can be on the side of the base of the system and need a hole to be cut into the system. Most of the system comes with the pre-pointed with the required size. Decide which side the condensate drain will operate.

  1. Clean the installation area.

The best starting of your furnace stem should be cleaned so that it won’t need repair or Maintenance nearly.

  1. Connect to the duct system

Upon correctly and appropriately keeping the furnace system, Join it to your house’s ducting system. Make sure you’ve barrier any connection with foil tape or a duct[din;t use duct tape for this step.]

  1. Joint vent pipes

After that our professionals connect your furnace intake and overtire pipes again, on a slight position sloping near the system so that any condensation can effectively and safe drain.

  1. Connect gas supply

Make sure there are sufficient shutoff and ventilation, and when finished ensure to check for leaks.

  1. Join electrical supply

There usually are two connections on a furnace, a low and line voltage. Be especially mindful of the difference during this step. 

  1. Connect condensate drain

This is typical via a hose to a drain leak in your basement’s floor.

  1. Check your furnace work.

The final step in furnace installation needs turning the system on and running through a heating function to make sure temperature outputs are where they should be dependent on the products.

  1. Regular 24/7 hour Emergency Support

After the completion of the furnace system installation in your home best place, our licensed heating contractors will available 24/7 hours for your emergency help. Just dial (214) 575-2323 to call one of our HVAC technicians to your quick support.


Always choose the best place to install a furnace in your home

We frequently get questions from our customers about whether or not a furnace location matters and what places in the house a furnace can be installed.

Factor to consider when selecting a location for your furnace?

  • Venting: The furnace wants to be installed where there is the furnace that is present even for the ability to fix one in the roof.
  • Air Intake: The furnace wants to be places where there is fresh air accessible.
  • Energy Intake: The furnace requires to be placed somewhere in your house where there is either a gas line joint or available electrical connection
  • Adequate Space: It’s also essential that the furnace has sufficient space along with it for a technician to mark repair and maintenance requirements.

Where is the furnace typically installed in the house?

The most common area where our  Dallas TX Heating Contractors suggest for the furnace system are:

  • Attics: In a house with a specific area, the furnace can be installed in the attic
  • Garages: Most furnaces are installed in the garage. In many new houses, the parking is a layout with a unique ‘alcove” that carries the furnace without wasting area for parking your vehicles.
  • Larger laundry room: Furnace and other significant devices cannot live in too small space; it may damage. However, in a house with a larger laundry room, the furnace can be placed there.
  • Basements: In a house that has them, the basement is the best area for a furnace. The unit is kept out of the walking place but also has sufficient space and airflow.
  • Utility rooms: Some house-mainly those without basements or garage-have a particular place in the centre of the house that carries the furnace and other appliances.

What types of furnace and which brand is famous in your Texas area?

The ten most used furnace brand in your texas according to our personnel survey are: 

  • American Standard Furnaces
  • Bryant Furnace
  • Amana Gas Furnace
  • Goodman Gas Furnace
  • Daikin Furnace
  • Carrier Furnace
  • Ruud Furnace
  • Rheem Furnace
  • Lennox Furnace
  • Trane Furnace

(FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions about Furnace System Installation

How long does Furnace Installation Take ?

That can vary after the professional inspection and the possibility of the work amount. The standard furnace install can take 4 to 6 hours. A complete furnace and A/C work will take 8 to 14 hours

Which Brands of Furnace System do you install ?

We install all major brands of the furnace system. Here are some of the furnace brands


What time of the year should you install a furnace?

When considering buying a new unit you should think about when to buy it and mark slower or off-seasons such as the end of the summer start of fall, it could save you some money. 

Some furnace installation companies may tell you that the perfect time to install an air conditioner is in the winter, it can be accurate according to your house needs also.

Schedule Free Furnace Installation Estimate in PROSPER and Surrounding TX Areas Today :

The heating furnace unit installation presents electrical and general safety dangers. Our HVAC professionals are well aware of these dangers and know the correct method to install every type of furnace system, as well as, have access to the right set of types of equipment to make sure the proper installation.

Our every professional is certified and experienced, and we provide our service and product with a guarantee. THT Air Solutions Heating and Cooling company are available 24/7 in your facility.  Get Free  Heating Tune-up and Furnace Installation estimation today by calling (214) 575-2323.