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Signs That You Need AC(Air Conditioner) Installation

You can surely say that without an efficient AC unit, you and your family members will not be able to feel relief and enjoy your leisure time in your house during summer.

Here are the signs and notices that you perhaps required to get new AC(Air Conditioner) installed in your residential or commercial house.

  • Does your home always feel too humid?
  • Do you notice your energy bills keep climbing?
  • You’re using unusual sounds
  • Your air isn’t as cold as it was.
  • Water leaks

Importance of Air Conditioning Installation

We all are fond of comfort and luxury, don’t we? Well, did you know that there are more advantages of air conditioning than just your luxury and comfort?

Air conditioning also offers us insulation and good quality of life in our house. Here are some of the ten advantages of an air conditioning system in your home:

  • Improve Health
  • A More Secure Home
  • Cool Place to Exercise
  • Fewer Insects and parasites
  • Better Sleep
  • Prevents Electronics and Overheating
  • Improve your work performace
  • Decrease the risk of dehydration
  • Reduce the risk of heatstroke
  • Less Noise

Know more about importances of air conditioning  to keep you and your family comfortable.

So why are you waiting for? Hire Professional AC Contractors to install the right heating cooling system in your home.

Process of AC (Air Conditioner )Installation, or what we include during AC installation

It’s not too late or early to considering about hot season and how you can escape or prepare yourself for it.

Here are the main steps followed by our experienced HVAC experts while installing your AC in your home :

  • Our DallasTX Licensed and insured HVAC contractors will help you choose the perfect AC system for your house that suits your place under your budget. The resolution can be hard and want to depend on the size of your home, the local weather, and your budget estimate. The profit of hiring an expert to help in installation or replacement is that they’ll be able to offer you multiple choice and knowledgeable suggestions.   
  • Your house will be insulated. Installing an Ac system can be nasty, so sheets will over possibly place that may be damaged. The crew will also perhaps wear a protective covering on their feet to decrease the consequences on your floors.
  • We eliminate your AC equipment carefully or install new AC in the place where you are comfortable.
  • Now, the actual installation can begin. These will add setting up wiring, fixing a new air handler or furnace, putting in a new thermostat, and many. Typically, this takes between five to eleven hours, based on the area.
  • After the vast majority of the cooling system installation is completed, the AC installer will teach you how to run your new air conditioner, involving how to set the thermostat and manage regularly. 
  • Before leaving, our Texas AC contractors will likely run a second check to ensure everything is correct.

The complete installation process should take less than a day, mainly if you hire a trustworthy, reliable, and efficient company like THT Air Solutions in Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas.

Types Of AC ( Air Conditioner ) System We Install 

You know the weather condition of Texas, In the summer you can not live without Cooling System or AC in your home. The question is what kind of air conditioner system is perfect for your home? 

With analyzing and servicing more than 2 decades in heating and cooling in north texas we found this type of air conditioner is best and mostly used by homeowners for their luxury and comfort.

Our AC installer works mainly on the six different types of air conditioners this is not only because they are trained and experienced but our experts can install any kinds of AC units that are designed for different areas and causes. The types of AC systems but not limited we can fix in your property if your permission is YES.

Central Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioner is usually placed on a roof or on a concrete slab next to the house’s foundation. If you hire us we can install a central air conditioning system in your house under one day. 

 Form the unit, ducts running through the outside wall or roof draw air from inside the house and turned cooled air inside. 

These kinds of air conditioners can also be the mix up a set of heating coils or a natural gas furnace indoor the house.

A central air conditioner mixes the evaporators, condenser, and compressor in a single unit that is based on a roof or a concrete slab around the basement.

Get Free Central Air Conditioner Installation  Inspection & Estimate 

Ductless or Mini Split Air Conditioner

These are a perfect choice for the houses that do not have pipeline work. The ductless, mini-split system mixes an exterior compressor and condenser with one or more inside air-handling units. 

Ductless or Mini Split AC system is fitted on the wall with blower joined. Tubing joints the interior and exterior system and passes refrigerant between them.

Hybrid Air Conditioner

A hybrid type of AC unit system option between burning antique and using electricity to dave money and power while running your unit. 

In the summer, the heat pump works as it generally does, pulling heat from your house and troubling its exteriors. 

In the winter, your unit heat pump system run-in reversal, pulling heat from the exterior environment and troubling it into your house.

All makes & models of Air Conditioner Brands Installation that keep you & your family comfortable in all seasons.

We respect the choice of the customers about the AC brand and ask them what kind of AC units they want to install in their home if you have different demands. 

And we also show you the best, highly-qualified, lasting, and multiple materials that can meet your expectations. Here are some of the brands that we used in our service but limited too:

Average AC Installation time we take installation cost, materials cost.

It can vary, determining the volume of work. The standard furnace install can take up to 5 to 10 hours. The average AC installation time 5 to 8 hours.

A full furnace and AC work will take 7 to 14 hours. It is our target to complete each install on the same day. Our AC installers don’t take another service call while working at yours or until your work is completed.

About cost that can’t be accurately answered until an entire house load calculation, work volume, a thorough inspection of the needed devices(sizing, code-compliant materials, electrical requirements, locations, etc.)

There is an extensive range of costs. We make sure that our price is affordable, and each customer will be given multiple alternatives that will satisfy and meet many budgets.

National Average Cost = $4,828

Minimum Cost = $100

Maximum Cost = $10,000

Average Range = $6,000 to $13,000

FAQ about Air Conditioning Installation

Why Choose THT Air Solutions Heating and Cooling

We have a free billing service and scheme for that. We need 50% down to order devices and begin our installation or replacement processes. The remaining balance is due upon the project finished. The great thing about this is that we don’t have any hidden charges and costs. We accept all main credit cards, personal checks, or cash. 

Since 1998, We are proud to serve the best service in Richardson, Carrollton, Allen, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Prosper, Aubrey, Fairview, Mckinney, Little Elm, The Colony, Providence Village, Any many surrounding smaller towns/cities. And happy to have thousands of satisfied customers, just like you will be.

Any major home repair, improvement project needs paperwork to be filed with the correct authorities’ priority to begin any homework. Those improvements are correctly noted in a public file verifying the including goods of the changes and upgrades. Electrical and mechanical investigators shall investigate our work. We guarantee our work will get up in such an effort, or we’ll get it at any cost.

Our professionals are certified, trained, experienced in operating the criteria of all the brands of devices.