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Your air duct is an important thing on your heating and cooling system that will spread air along with your house. Air duct systems work with tunnels, pipes or ducts that are related and spread healthy air through an air vent in the house.

Our Prosper, Frisco, Plano, TX Air duct repair service company is experienced to serve the best quality ductwork repair in your area. THT Air Solutions HVAC contractors air duct cleaning professionals are right here when you are looking to find air duct repair and cleaning.

Signs that your air duct needs to be repaired:

There are some signs that show dirty air duct support of air duct cleaning service in Prosper, Plano, Friso, TX. 

Here are some signs that say you need to pay attention to your duct system:

  • Bad Airflow 

Leaky ductwork not only permit filter air to run, but contaminated air to get in. Dust, dirt, and pollutants can get in from infiltrates areas and spread all over the house.

  • The Increased cost of energy

If your energy bill s continue to high, you may be losing valuable conditioned air through leaks in your ductwork. In the condition of the air leak, your ductwork needs work toughly to get a target and raise your energy bills.

  • Strange noise and smell

A loud rattling sounds and some unusual smell or continual vibration are both symbols that your system perhaps loose or damaged and may need repair or cleaning.

  • Hot or cold spots 

Mistakenly designed ductwork can lead to different areas in your house to reach different temperatures, result in a lack of comfort.

  • Dir Collected in air filters

It is normal for air ducts to gather dust and dirt, needing yoit to change them every one or three months to keep the AC system functioning at high efficiency. But if you’re noticing the accumulation of dirt in a very short time period then you need air duct cleaning contractors.

Are you interested in having your air ducts repaired and cleaned? Our professionals will show up and inspect, listen to your requirements and evaluate your ductwork issues. Call (214)-575-2323.

An advantage to having repaired to your air ducts system

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the leaky duct system is able to spoil 10-30% of your heating costs? It’s a fact! luckily, having your ductwork repaired by a specialist can payback this. At last, it will help you to save you on heating and cooling costs.

  • Saves Money

Did you know that the leaky duct system is able to spoil 10-30% of your heating costs? It’s a fact! luckily, having your ductwork repaired by a specialist can payback this. At last, it will help you to save you on heating and cooling costs.

  • More energy-efficient heating and cooling

The air from those parts of your house that remain dust, the air that is either warmer or cooler than whatever temperature your system is trying to give you. As this air infiltrates the ductwork, your unit will have to operate hard to get to its goal temperature. you’ll see higher energy bills.

  • Extended your HVAC system age

The dusty HVAC system becomes, the tougher it must work to press air through the air duct and keep it operating. The professional’s air duct cleaning, repair, replacement make your system energetic and you extend your system life. 

  • Family stay healthy

Dust and dirt on its own aren’t very harmful, but when mixed with allergens and microorganisms, it makes for a possibly deadly combination. It can spoil you and your family’s good health condition by the different airborne diseases. Air duct repair and cleaning is the best way to avoid it.

  • Identify the large problems

If your duct system gets regular air duct repairing and air duct cleaning it may help licensed and experienced professionals inspect your duct system to find the source of issues before they become a disaster.   

  • Improve airflow

Any space around the path will cause a drop in force and a reduction in the airflow coming from your pipe. Aside from the issues of dirt and energy flow listed above, break ducts will mean a loss in your HVAC power and unexpected temperature throughout your house.

Our skilled air duct cleaning and repair technicians fin the main reasons for ductwork issues and get your house comfortable again. Call us now at (214)-575-2323 and appoint us.

Our professional’s repairs include:

If you choose us for your ductwork repair and cleaning then our professional includes following things while inspecting and repairing: 

  • Open entrance points or doors that permit the whole system to be inspected and cleaned.
  • Our licensed experts will inspect the system before cleaning to be sure that there are no fire-resistance materials in the HVAC system.
  • Use a vacuum device that absorbs particles outside of the house using its high efficiency.
  • Preserve carpet furnishing while cleaning or repairing your system.
  • Use only a well-handled brushing tool of duct cleaning in coincidence with connecting vacuum cleaning to remove dust and other particles. 
  • Use only soft-bristled brushes for fiberglass duct board and panel metal ducts edge with fiberglass.
  • Take care to insulate the ductwork, adding barrier and re-insulating any entrance holes the service providers may have made or used so they are airtight. 

The skilled professionals at THT Air Solutions have been serving top rated quality service to homeowners in the Prosper, Frisco, Plano, TX area for over 15 years. Call us today at (214)-575-2323 to set time for your air duct repair and cleaning.

Estimate and Time took to repair the air duct by our professionals

The cost of air cleaning or repair depends on the length and the kinds of duct used and local rates. Air duct cleaning and repair service can fall between $350 to $650 depending on the size of your house and the size of the projects.

Basically, your air duct system needs to change the air filter twice or thrice a month. Air duct cleaning and repairs are essential at least yearly as there are times where your air duct system will have uneven airflow, moisture range or poor filters which can grow mold.

Our experienced professionals have found that it takes between 3 to 5 hours to clean properly your system. The final estimate of your air duct cleaning and maintenance is varied on some factors, probably cleared by our professionals while dealing. 

The average life expectancy of an air duct system.

A normal air duct system will last for 10 to 15 years before you begin to see significant issues. The maximum life age of ductwork is 20 to 25 years yet it’s suggested to replace ductwork in 15 years of operation.

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THT Air Solutions Air duct cleaning company had been a trusted contractor on market for 15 years, offering professionals heating and cooling services that upgrade your house comfort and extended the age of your property.