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Ductwork mentions the metal venting that joins your HVAC unit to the vents in each room of your house. Ductwork to transfer heat or cool air, determining on the season requirement, into the whole house. 

Professional air duct installation will offer you to get all the benefits and good features of the system without any disturbance. Prosper, Dallas, TX. THT Air Solutions Heating and cooling company skilled contractors of the air duct repair, cleaning, and installation professionals will make your ductwork more efficient and durable.

Signs that you need duct installation and replacement

Here are some of the essential signs that indicate if your ducts need replacement or a new installation.

  • Irregular heating and cooling
  • Having an issue with pests
  • Debris along with the vents
  • Very old air from the ductwork system
  • Messy ducts system
  • Smelling mold and mildew in  your house
  • Facing breathing problems
  • Enhance utility bills
  • Noisy HVAC function
  • Having a dusty house

Are you in Prosper, Plano, Frisco, TX area? Get in touch call at (214)-575-2323 with our professionals and team today to schedule a free dust installation estimate and inspection if you can see the above-mentioned signs on your HVAC system.

Benefits of getting professionals to air duct installation and replacement

Improper duct installation and replacement is potentially the most common cause of duct problems. Leaks, breaks, tear sections, the clog can lead to the poor installation of your system. That’s why THT Air Solutions offers quick, affordable and honest duct installation service. 

Here are some of the advantage of getting professionals duct installation:

  • Get the correct-sized ducts: Our air duct cleaning contractors perform the calculation of your house size and airflow which decide the adaptable duct size for a specific HVAC system. Small ductwork can be covered with dust fastly and a bigger air duct system can stop to get enough heat to your house. 
  • Unneeded turns or pinches :

If your ductwork wasn’t schemed out before it was installed, replace, there may be not needed turns or pinches in the ductwork that clog the airflow through your house. With custom-layout ducts, you’ll ensure that your ducts take the most efficient way through your house.

  • Prevent leaks:

Energy estimates that in the average home that up to 20% of the air passing through the ducts can leak out. These leaks are frequently caused by the system being installed improperly. 

  • Fewer Repair

Properly installed ductwork makes your system efficient and durable and it due to its proper size, the proper place of installation it needs fewer repairs before it age time. Properly installed ductwork not only saves you money on your energy bills but also your repair bills and other often maintenance fees over time.

  • Your house will be cleaner than before

New system installation removes your old dusty system that spread pollutants over your house and makes your family health poor. Your old and dusty system makes the furniture and household stuff pile-up of dust a newly installed system will eliminate that and filter your indoor air and make it better.

  • Say goodbye to allergens and containments

One of the best advantages of duct replacing is that all of the nasty allergens will be gone and make you smell fresh. If you don’t replace your aged ductwork system then you can see the health major that can be very dangerous.

Our target is to help educate our customers in the Prosper, Plano of Texas about energy and home improvement problems (particular to HVAC). Contact us (214)-575-2323 to get quotes by the knowledgeable contractors Air Duct installer. 

Types of air duct and its brands that our Plano, TX experts install and replace

There are a few different kinds of air ducts that can be utilized in a house or commercial buildings. And they each have their pros and cons. The types of air ductwork you should use based on your HVAC requirements and can be examined by HVAC professionals. There are two main types of ductwork: Flexible and Rigid:

Flexible Ductwork

Rigid Ductwork

Sheet Metal Duct

Fiberglass Line Duct

Fiberboard Ducts

Our HVAC professionals can take a look at your space and evaluate which type of ductwork will be the best match according to you and your house requirements. We also offer air duct repair and cleaning service by the HVAC contractors air duct installer professionals. Call us at (214)-575-2323.

Air duct installation process that our professional execute: Step by Step

If done correctly by a crew of specialists. The process could be simple and fast. Doing it yourself can take even longer without any experience about it is riskier. So, we recommend you for the professional duct installation or replacement which includes:

Step 1: Design and Planning for the installation: It is the preparation & most essential phase of the installation of your air duct system. This cover figuring out the outline of your unit, which should cover the tract, the address for vents, the returns, and evaluating how much it will take to cool each room. All over it’s like inspection and planning for your system.

Step 2: Fixing the Plenum: The plenum is the brain of the function. This is the hall that gathers the air directly from the furnace or HVAC system.

Step 3: Connecting the leading trunk line: This is the backbone of your AC unit, or the main lines of air spreading from the plenum, prolonging the whole size of the body. 

Step 4: Placing Branch Runs: The branch runs are the arms, or branches, of your system, permitting air to transfer from the main body line into particular rooms and area within your house. These are connected to the main body line and prolong the pre-planned vent.

Step 5: Installing Returns: The number of returns your formation will require and where to fix them will hugely vary by the system itself and where air might gather.

If you don’t have the knowledge or experience of the HVAC system or the assistance of an experienced or trained team by side you, fixing your air duct system can be more costly than it’s value. Your best decision is to call professionals Air duct installation service to ensure the work is correctly finished. Call (214)-575-2323 get in touch!

Installation and replacement time that we take.

On average, installing a heating and cooling system around with the new ductwork takes, however, from 1 to 2 days, maybe less or maybe more depending upon the work size.

Our Prosper, Plano, Frisco, TX air duct cleaning and installing contractors will take 1 day to install your ductwork if the ductwork is easily available and it also depends on the size of your house and project.

Cost of air duct installation replacement [average life expectancy]

The cost of the Air Duct Installation or replacement is not like other devices of the house which cost can be varied easily. Air duct installation or replacement cost can be varied only after the inspection of the professionals to your whole house.

They check the place where you want to replace or install, the material you have chosen, the size of machinery and many more. But also the average cost, most homeowner spending cost on this is $1,000 to $5,000 for a typical house.

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